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Daigi Chicken Biryani

Daigi Chicken Biryani is a renowned and famous aromatic Pakistani dish with a long grained rice layered with chicken gravy and exotic special spices that give it an authentic Daigi flavor.

KarachiXpress, Toronto, Ontario

Braised Beef Noodle

Due to its popularity especially in night markets, Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup is referred to by the Taiwanese as their national dish. This savory and rich delicacy is bursting with flavor and aroma that emanate from the fusion of various spices.

Bowls Ottawa, Toronto, Ontario


Pastel is a delicacy from Camiguin Island Philippines. It is a soft dough bun filled with yema (sweet custard). The original pastel recipe came from the Spaniards who colonized the Philippines between 1565-1890. Pastel is perfect for coffee or tea anytime of the day!

Pastel by Maia Home Treats, Mississauga, Ontario

Foodbytes Experience

  • Thanks Foodbytes! Through the app, I was able to find and order some delicious, mouth-watering pastries from Deluxcious Cuisine that we all love.

    David Mbugua Toronto, Ontario
  • My experience with Foodbytes was smooth and easy. With just a few clicks away and voila, my order went through and was confirmed quickly! I will recommend it to my family and friends.

    Socorro Maminta Brampton
  • Thank You Foodbytes! Got my first order today through the app. Excellent app!

    Jackie's Creative Cakes


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