Driver Signup

How to become a Foodbytes Driver


To Be a Foodbytes driver, you must:

  • Be 19 or older.
  • Live in a city where Food bytes is available.
  • Be able to carry bags of food.
  • Have a registered car vehicle.
  • Have proof of insurance with your name on it if you are driving a motor vehicle.
  • Submit a level 3 police clearance
  • Have access to an iPhone or Android smartphone device.


Documents Required to submit :

  • Vehicle License
  • Drivers License
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Level 3 Police Clearance
  • SIN

Sign-up process

Download the app and complete the sign-up process:

  • Create your Account Page
  • Background Check Page
  • Activation Material Page
  • Signing term of service Page

Driver Opportunity

Be a Foodbytes Driver

  • Delivery Radius of 10 km
  • Fast processing of application
  • 100% of tips goes to your wallet
  • Base fair of 4 CAD for the first 3 km
  • Monetary Incentives plus perks is waiting on your league.
  • Promotional earnings (referral, week/ month challenge)
  • Manage your own time at your convenience.
  • Work part time or full time
League Deliveries Customer Rating Acceptance Rate Monetary Incentive
Hero 200 90% 90% 40
Legend 500 90% 90% 100
Epic 1000 90% 90% 200

Sign-up now and be a Foodbytes Driver!

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